Corfu Island’s key geographical position and natural beauty has made it the envy of many cultures that made it their home here.

Corfu Island

Corfu Town & Sightseeings

The island’s versatile landscape creates at least four distinct regions worthy of discovery.

Corfu Town often surprises visitors with its theatrical Italianesque architecture that testifies to its colonial as well as to its royal past.

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North Eastern Coast

Corfu Riviera

The north eastern coast of the island is also home to many rich and famous residents with luxury villas taking advantage of breathtaking views and private coastline inlets.

Cypress trees reach down to the crystal clear water front with large rock formations sliding gently into the sea. Dassia, Nissaki, Kalami all the way to the historical town of Kassiopi offer many photo highlights with the Albanian coastline only a few nautical miles away.

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West Coast

Enjoy Mediterranean waters

Corfu’s west coast is perhaps the most dramatic with impressive high cliffs, large caves and deep blue Mediterranean waters.

The monastery in Paleokastritsa, the castle of Aggelokastro as well as a boat ride to see things from the sea are all part of the Achilleon-Paleokastritsa Tour.

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Southern Region

The most natural part of the island

Corfu Island’s southern region is an enchanting land waiting to be discovered.

Here green hill tops are replaced by rolling sand dunes and agricultural pastures. Korission Lake, Xalikounas and Issos Beaches are world class beaches.

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